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SGR: Dr Swazuri Interview

National Land Commission Dr Swazuri during an interview with Elveza media has said the ongoing verification process along the SGR route in Kangawa and Kandisi will last for 2 weeks.   He said there are several reasons why the process is taking place:

  • To make sure the figures they have is accurate and ensure all parties involved are in agreement.
  • Some family members have become jittery with whoever was earmarked to receive the compensation on their behalf and have requested to be included as recipients too.
Ongoing Verification process in Kangawa

Will the verification process affect the already agreed awards?

Dr Swazuri said the award may be affected and gave a scenario of how the award can change; if the land which was marked for the acquisition was one acre and then, Kenya Railways realizes the land required for the project is actually three quarters of an acre, then the  award will change.  In case the team finds out the SGR project will require more land, the award will increase.

When will payment be made?

Dr Swazuri said there was a meeting yesterday and as a soon as the verification process is over, a request will be made to the Treasury, who will then release the money to Kenya Railways and finally to the National Land Commission to pay those affected by the SGR project. He said the process will approximately take one month.

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