Announcement Community Education Environment Kangawa

KANGAWA: Kikuyu Elders to Perform Rituals on “MIGUMO” Trees

Kikuyu Elders are planning to perform rituals on 3 “MIGUMO” trees facing a chop along the SGR route in Kangawa.  MUGUMO is a sacred tree in the Kikuyu culture. All sacrifices to “NGAI” the supreme creator, were performed under the tree. Whenever the “MUGUMO”tree fell, it symbolized a bad omen and rituals had to be performed by elders in the society.

The elders decided to perform the rituals after the Chinese Contractors building the SGR chopped down a “MUGUMO” tree allegedly without consulting the elders.  Residents claimed the men hired by the Contractor to chop down the tree, took a whole working day, 10 power saws and a crane to bring the sacred tree down.


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