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OlOOLUA: Stranded Ugandan Mother and Child Assisted

On 11th June last week, a man carrying a hand bag and wearing a football shirt walked into the Office of Oloolua MCA in Kangawa Road.  He was followed closely by a woman carrying a baby. They looked like a couple, but that was not the case.  The nervous looking man explained how he came across the woman and her child the previous night stranded without even a coin and nowhere to go.  He managed to convince his wife to allow the woman and her child, spend the night safely at their house.

Agnes said  “the family was very caring, the man slept in the couch allowing us to sleep  in his bed with his wife and my son.  I told the family we will be fine in the couch, but the man said a couch is not a comfortable place for a woman and child to sleep on”

Agnes (not real name) came from Tororo Uganda to Kenya in 2015 to work.  She moved to Thika where she had secured employment as house help.  A few months later she met a man whom she went on to have a relationship and eventually getting pregnant.  She gave birth to baby boy who is now 2 yrs old.  Agnes said the last time she saw her baby father was 6 months through her pregnancy.  She claimed the baby father had another family.

Two months ago Agnes son fell ill forcing her to spend one month in Kenyatta National Hospital. A social worker assisted her to clear the bill.  She went back to her rented house in Thika only to find a new tenant, with her properties held by the landlord due to unpaid rent.  She managed to get a job as a house help but quit following what she claimed was mistreatment by her boss.

Desperation led her to come to Ngong to search for a Ugandan friend who worked as a house help.  Without an address or a phone number, Agnes stopped anyone she could find and asked if they knew her friend.  She had no idea how urbanized Ngong is, and how difficult it is to find someone especially if one is not born in the area.     The search for her friend was unsuccessful.

Oloolua MCA Hon. Njogu (File Photo)

With her dreams of starting a new life Kenya partly shattered, Agnes decided to go back to Uganda where she has two other children who lives with her mother. Oloolua MCA Martin Njogu together with the office staff and other well wishers conducted a quick fundraising and managed to raise enough cash for her fair to Uganda and a bit of spending money.

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