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OPINION: National Holidays Must be Fun to Attract More People

Kajiado North marked the Madaraka Day celebrations  in Ngong Town last Friday.   The day started with the police, together with the Ngong Catholic Brass Band marching all the way from DCC Offices through Ngong Town into Ngong Bus Park, where the event were held.

The entertainment was better than previous events. There was music by Huruma Primary School and Secondary School, AIC Ngong Hills Secondary School, Gospel Musician Tephy John, Hope Nyambura, Valerie Wangeci , Jolili Kim Msanii and a very talented young acrobat Stefanie.

The crowd increased during the entertainment session and many left as soon as the speeches began

Why are such events attracting fewer people?


Kajiado North MCAs dancing upon request by the Mau Mau Women Group

The celebrations have become predictable giving residents a reason not to attend the free event.  Any one can predict the programme of the next national celebration event in Kajiado North. There will be a police band, backed by the Ngong Catholic Brass Band, Huruma Primary and Secondary will perform, the MCAs will arrive moments after the National anthem, the Mau Mau women will sing, the MCAs will be called one by one to dance etc.  The climax of the event will be two long speeches, one from Kajiado County Governor and read by the Sub-County administrator. The final speech will be the president speech read by the Deputy County Commissioner.


Such events used to be fun during the 80s when one family owned a tv set in the whole village and when few people could read.  Today one can simply watch the whole president speech live on TV or even using their mobile phones at the comfort of their homes.  As for the governor speech, there is a more efficient way of reaching out to the people such as the local media.

Uncomfortable Environment

The environment is not comfortable for those wishing to attend.  The chairs are few, and the only option available is for one to stand still under a scorching sun for a few hours or sit down on the dusty bus park floor.

Residents attending have a choice to stand for a few hours or sit down on a dusty bus park floor

To Attract More People, Make It Fun

To attract more people and make such events truly community events, such events must be fun and entertaining.  The county government can develop the public land in Elpaso into a parking space which can be used as an alternative bus park during such events.  Close off the road for a day from Barclays bank to Zambia Road.  Vehicles going to Kibiko can use the road behind Suswa Plaza, while vehicles going to Kiserian Road can use Zambia Road.  We can have processions from Zambia Road to the bus park.  At the bus park those attending can enjoy a concert involving local choirs, musicians, comedians etc

To fund the event, Private businesses can pay to exhibit their businesses during the day with the proceeds used to pay the performers and generating revenue for the county government.   The one day event will definitely attract many people and boost the economy of Ngong Town tremendously.

Deputy County Commissioner Francis Komen introducing Kajiado North senior Police Officer


Ngong Municipal Manager David Kobai


A member of the Mau Mau women group
Gospel Musician Tephy John performing

AIC Girls Secondary School
Brassa (Circled) was in attendance
Members of Ngong Catholic Brass Band
Members of Ngong Catholic Brass Band
Police Marching

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