Announcement Community Devolution Land Ngong Town

ANNOUNCEMENT: Ngong Plot Owners Meeting on Saturday

Ngong Plot Owners Association are calling upon all plot owners within Ngong Town and Scheme 305 to visit their temporally office in Praise House Ngong (Opposite Ngong Bus Park) and bring along the following information:

  • Full Names
  • Plot Number
  • Plot Size
  • ID Number
  • Contacts
Opinion Leader and 2017 Ngong MCA aspirant Mbiriri making a point

The members who attended a meeting held last Saturday in Praise House agreed each member should contribute Ksh2000 towards the valuation process to determine the land rate value per plot.  The money will be paid as a deposit to the valuers.  Kenneth Matiba who is the Chairman of the Association responding to a question of how much the valuation cost will be said “the cost will depend on how many people come on board, but it will most likely be between Ksh3000 – Ksh5000 per plot.

A member of the Association making a point

Ngong Plot Owners Association had taken Kajiado County Government to court protesting increase in land rates without consulting the plot owners.

There will be a meeting this coming Saturday on the 2nd June 2018 in Praise House Ngong at 10am.


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