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MERISHO: National Land Commission Agrees to Pay Ksh25 Million Per Acre

Elveza media published a story yesterday 21st May titled “We want fair compensation”

Centre holding a gazette (Mr Molu Halake) National Land Commission – Kajiado County

The Merisho residents were seeking better compensation for their land following the National Land Commission intention to acquire their land for the ongoing SGR project.

The residents will have a peaceful night following the NLC agreeing to increase the compensation fee from Ksh8 million per acre to Ksh25 million per acre plus 15% disturbance allowance.  This means even without adding the value of the other properties such as housing, tree etc the minimum compensation for an acre will be Ksh28,750,000.  Merisho residents were seeking a compensation of Ksh100 million per acre.

Commissioner Dr. Clement Lenachuru (Right) listening to Nkoroi Community Chairman

Nkoroi residents will now receive a compensation of Ksh35 million per acre up from Ksh30 million per acre.  The residents through their Chairman claimed an acre in Nkoroi is worth Ksh48 million. This means Nkoroi residents will receive a minimum compensation of Ksh40,250,000 per acre inclusive of 15% disturbance allowance.

NLC Director Salome Munumbi (3rd from Right)

The national land Director Salome Munumbi requested residents from both areas to provide evidence, that their land is worth what they are claiming. She suggested they present to the commission evidence of a recent land transaction in the respective areas,with evidence of stamp duty payment.  Director Salome Munumbi also confirmed the money will not be taxed.

The inquiry was held today at the Nkoroi Chiefs Camp and continues tomorrow.


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