Community Development Devolution Floods Magadi Road Rongai

FATIMA BRIDGE: Contractor Speaks

The Fatima bridge where residents of Kware in Nkaimurunya Ward drowned recently cost Ksh5,596,000.  The bridge was funded by Kajiado County Government under the Ward Development Funds (2016 -2017 Budget)

The Virgil held at the Fatima Bridge on 8th May 2018 to commemorate those who drowned on 3rd May following heavy downpour

Elveza Media has managed to get a letter dated 6th March 2017 notifying Muktas Kenya Limited of their successful tender award to construct Fatima South Bridge in Ongata Rongai Ward.

Our reporter spoke to the Director of Muktas Kenya Limited Mr Titus Mugambi regarding various accusation directed to his company.    Mr Mugambi said as a contractor he followed the design provided by the Client i.e Kajiado County Government.  He claimed the bridge dimensions are 2.5 mtrs high and 10 mtrs wide as designed by the client.

The residents demanded the bridge to be raised higher to prevent future deaths
Ongata Rongai MCA Hon. Pere Mwathi

Responding to the accusation that the bridge side railings were poorly constructed, Mr Mugambi said they had a choice of bolting the railings but due to high risk of metal theft, they decided to weld it for security reasons. He further said the railings are there only to warn the bridge users where they should not cross.

Our reporter contacted the office of Ongata Rongai MCA Hon. Pere Mwathi and spoke to Evans Jemo who is the Personal Assistant to Hon Mwathi.  Evans claimed “the County Government auditors toured the bridge on 7th May 2018 and found nothing wrong with the bridge technically”




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