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KISAMIS: Water Project Launched

On 24th February 2018, Elveza Media published a story titled  “Kisamis Town Facing Serious Water Problems”  The story highlighted the community water project which had stalled due to what residents described as mismanagement.

The water Kiosk being built in Kisamis Town

Keekonyokie MCA Hon.Moses Saoyo Kusero launched the revival of the water project last Friday 11th May 2018 in Kisamis Town. It will be funded by the ward development fund at a cost of Ksh2 million i.e piping, renovation of the storage tank and the water kiosk.

Our source claimed the project power bill which contributed to the collapse of the project stands approximately between Ksh400,000 – 500,000.  Hon Moses Saoyo said he will request the office of The Deputy Governor (Kajiado County) to pay for the bill from the emergency fund.

Hon. Saoyo listening to a resident during the water project launch


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