The Five Brave Men

(From Left) Patrick Machua, Gitau Aka Wakim, Kennedy Njenga, Joe AKA Joseph and John Rwambo.

John Rwambo who led the search for the body of the Late Gathoni is a trained diver with 8 year experience.  He trained in Kasarani as well Mombasa in the deep seas.  So far he has retrieved 82 bodies in total.

John Rwambo (Circled)

The other two trained divers are Patrick Njogu and Kennedy Njenga.  The other two volunteers included a local business man who worked so hard identified as Gitau AKA Wakim and Joe AKA Joseph.

Wakim who is a businessman in the area worked tirelessly

The incident exposed the unpreparedness of dealing with such cases which left residents calling for the county and national government to hire police divers and equip them appropriately.  They also requested both governments to sponsor local talented and passionate youth such as Joseph to attend life saving training programme.