Community Crime Floods

KISERIAN: Woman Rushing Home to her Children Swept by Floods

The search for the body of Hannah Gathoni continued for the third day on Sunday unsuccessfully at the Kiserian Dam.  The operation is being led by volunteer untrained divers from within the community. The incident took place at around 8pm on 03/05/18.

The determined divers who are risking their lives are using basic tools such as sticks and makeshift hooks.  The divers were later joined by John Rwambo who is a trained diver.  Rwambo came all the way from Kiambu after being called by Hon. Manje.

John Rwambo who is a trained diver came all the way from Kiambu in another rescue mission.

Gathoni’s bag, a thermos and some of her shopping were found within the dam area. According to her sister in law Catherine Wambui, Gathoni was going home from work.

Gathoni sister in law Catherine Wambui

She was a business woman operating a road side restaurant in Karen. Catherine further said “Gathoni was the most hardworking person I know” Catherine told our reporter Gathoni was separated from her husband and a mother of 5 children.

Samson Osero

According to Samson Osero who witnessed the incident, Gathoni was part of a group of 6 who decided to hold hands and attempt to cross the flooded road despite being warned by many people present.  Osero further said “she seemed to be in a hurry and saying she needs to go home to see her children”

Midway through the crossing, Gathoni got scared and turned back, only to be swept by the flood water.  She screamed and called for help several times and within a few seconds she was gone. Other witnesses our reporter spoke to said it was a painful scene to witness since no one could help.  The search continues on Monday morning.

Joseph Karanja who is a volunteer diver from the community. He is casual labourer and has previously retrieved two bodies from the same dam alone. Karanja said if trained properly, they can respond more efficiently in such emergency situations.
This young man could barely swim but showed courage by searching in the deep water


Charles who works in the transport industry was flawless in the water.
Other residents requested the county government to train the volunteer divers and employ them as life savers in case of such incidents. Eric who was present during the search said “The divers live around the dam and have shown real passion and determination. This is the perfect job interview and I hope the governor will read this”
Gathoni bag, shopping and other personal items were found within the dam area
Lack of appropriate tools did not stop residents from conducting the search
Concerned residents came to witness the search
A volunteer uses a makeshift hook to search for the body


This man slept despite the obvious risk

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