Floods Magadi Road

FLOODS: Kills Mother and Daughter in Olkeri Ward

Stephen Papai is grieving the loss of his wife and daughter following last night rains that caused destruction of lives and properties across Kajiado North.  Papai arrived home in Kamura, Olkeri Ward from work at 11:30pm only to find the house he lived with his wife and six children gone.  He was totally unaware of what had transpired earlier.   The neighbors told him his wife 42 yrs Old Rose Ide and 20 yrs old daughter who was a form four student at Kiserian Secondary School had been carried by water. He attempted to conduct a search but the water was too much.

Stephen Papai with his Son Sylvester Irenja

Papai who is a carpenter walked to Rongai with his Son Sylvestor Irenja to report the incident to the police.  They spent the rest of the night at the police station and walked back to continue with the search at 5am Friday Morning. He found the bodies of of the two approximately one kilometer away.

The spot where a block of 6 houses was before it was carried away by the flood water

The heartbroken Papai told our reporter “I wish I was the one who died to save the wife and the daughter the pain they went though”

Sylvester Injera salvaging some of his clothes

Sylvester narrated to our reporter the last conversation he had with his late mother “we were discussing what to cook for dinner, she told us she only had two hundred shillings, which she handed over to me and sent me to the shop to buy a big packet of unga, another small one one and an egg. She warned me not to cross the river if the rain starts” Residents of the plot usually cross the river as a short cut.

By the time he was walking back from the shops, the road had completely flooded preventing anyone or vehicles from crossing.  Sylvester said “If I had not gone to the shop, I would have died as well”

Papai’s other children only survived because their late mother took them to a neighbors house in the same plot and went back to the house with her late daughter to put some of their household items on top shelves in case it flooded.

Richard who moved to the plot in 2017 from Kilifi sustained serious injuries trying to save the late Rose Ide and her late daughter.

According to Richard who moved to the plot with his friend in October 2017 from Kilifi, the Late Papais daughter had knocked at is door and warned him of the possible floods.  He rushed out to have a look only to come face to face with a 7 foot high wave almost 50 mtrs away.  The water came so fast he didn’t even have time to get back to his house.

Jescar Otieno lost everything. Our reporter found her searching for her household goods which had been swept hundreds of meters away, most of them destroyed beyond repair.

The residents narrated how a block of six houses where the late Rose Ide and her late daughter were, was carried by water all at once like a moving train.

Hon. Manje consoling Stephen Papai who lost his wife and daugter

Kajiado North Member Of Parliament Hon. Manje visited the affected families and promised to visit them tomorrow 05th May together with Kajiado County Governor Hon. Joseph Ole Lenku. He requested Neema to ensure no one builds in the riparian area.  He also donated rice to the affected families.

The plot landlord Mr Raphael Njaraba expressed remorse and said he bought the land from a second owner 5 years ago and had never experienced such floods before. He denied claims that his property had been marked as unsafe by the local administration. He further said he is not planning to rebuild the plot in the near future.

Some of the residents claimed the change of the Lemelepo river course is man made and was due to dumping of soil by property developers in the river for years.

Ronald Wafula survived together with his wife by standing on the frames for an hour while singing the gospel song “nyasai atulinde”
Ronald Wafula (Left) trying to salvage a mattress by cleaning it in the river
Alex was swept by the raging floods and only survived by hanging on a tree for 4 hrs
Kerubo and 9 members of the extended survived by cutting though the iron sheet with a hammer to escape.
The area assistant Chief (Left) together with neighbors who visited the affected families today


The affected families are in dire need for clothes, food, household items etc Kindly donate whatever you can.  You can contact Elveza Media on Tel: 0726072581


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