Crime Floods Kangawa Oloolua

KANGAWA: New Born Baby Found Dead

A new born baby with the umbilical cord still attached, was found dead on Thursday (03/05/18) morning at around 6am by a man on his way to work.

Embulbul Chief A. Dida (Left)

According to his wife, she had accompanied her husband on his way to work while going to check on charcoal they are burning nearby along the river bank. The husband after noticing the body notified the wife, who then proceeded to inform the neighbors and requested them to call the police.

The body was covered to protect it from the sun

The woman further said, the neighbors including a local elder gave the following excuses why they could not call the police; their phones have no credit or had technical problems.  A local radio journalist Simon Kahura who was passing by reported the incident to Embulbul Chief A. Dida who proceeded to inform Ngong police.

Pascalia Akuku who is a local resident picks the body as the police officer holds the bag

The dead baby left arm was still intact but seemed broken.  The back of the head showed signs of impact.  The body was not bruised and the left leg thigh had what looked like a transparent medical plaster just above the knee.

Curious residents who visited the crime scene discussed various theories on how the body could have found its way there.  A local resident identified as Fredrick ruled out the possibility of the body being brought there by flood water. He told our reporter, there is high possibility the body was dumped at the crime scene, since the river had not overflowed upto where the body was lying down following the recent 3 days rain.

Pascalia Akuku helping the police

Pascalia Akuku a single mother of one child helped the police to put the baby in a bag.  She told our reporter “I have lost 3 baby’s through miscarriages and it hurts to see such a young life gone”

Curious man moving the net to view the body

Prior to the police arriving, curious residents interfered with the crime scene compromising possible evidence by walking around the scene.  To view the body, some used sticks to move the net which was covering it.

A woman at the crime scene
A woman moves the net to view the body





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