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Ngong: Free Drugs Attracts non Street Residents

Rachel Mumbi was one of many non street residents of Ngong Town who attended the free medical camp on Saturday 28th April 2018 in Ngong Town. Rachel has her own home but attended the event due to financial reasons. Three months ago One of Rachel’s foot developed complication resulting into swelling.  She went to Karen public health facility where she received medical attention.  Rachel claimed she was given free medical drugs and also got a prescription to purchase more drugs. Unfortunately Rachel has not managed to buy the prescribed drug which cost Ksh800 due to lack of funds.  She told our reporter “I came here with the hope I will get the prescribed medicine for free”

Rachel Mumbi shows our reporter the medicine she got for free

Our reporter spoke to Rachel shortly after going through a check up.  She was given free drugs but not the earlier prescribed one.  Rachel concluded by saying “we are thankful the government health facilities are free but the burden of buying medicine is really heavy especially for the unemployed, underpaid and the poor elderly.


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