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Oloolua: Residents Stranded & Left Without Water

Residents of Kangawa, Oloolua Ward have requested China Roads and Construction Company (CCCC) which is contracted to build the SGR to take responsibility and keep feeder roads in the condition they  were before they began operations in the area or better.  A cargo and passenger station will be built along Kangawa road as part of SGR Phase 2 – Nairobi to Naivasha project.

The residents claimed the contractor used soil and very little murram to level the feeder roads without consulting the residents. The roads have become impassable following the recent heavy rains.   Car owners are unable to use their vehicles due to the road condition and also their gates have been blocked with soil, following the contractor attempt to clear the road.

Millicent Namusonga holding a broken water pipe

Millicent Namusonga who lives in Kangawa has not been able to go to work for the last two days due to the road condition.  She further said the trucks are operating throughout the night, making the roads impassable in the mornings.  The water pipes have also been broken and haven’t been repaired.  The residents claimed they have not received any communication from the contractor on how the water problem will be rectified.  She now buys 10 gallons of water every day at Ksh20 per gallon.

The residents are also concerned over school going kids when schools open next week.  The kids are usually picked by school buses at their respective gates but in the current road condition, school buses may not be able to access the roads.

John showing our reporter Beatrice damaged fence

Beatrice who also lives in Kangawa alleged that on 18th April, a truck transporting soil got stuck next to her land.  She further alleged the truck dumped the soil against her fence causing damages.  She said she reported the incident to the police and is awaiting response from the contractor.

David Mogire

David Mogire a resident of Kangawa told our reporter car owners in the area, have no choice but to leave their vehicles almost a Kilometer away. He is thankful to the neighbors who have allowed stranded car owners to park in their homes.  He further said “It is uncomfortable and not fair to knock at someone’s gate at 5am to let you in to pick up your vehicle”

Mama Mugambi (2nd Left) with concerned neighbors

Mama Mugambi claimed she slept in a neighbor’s home last Wednesday due to floods along the road.  She claimed the road never used to flood before the contractor started operations there.  Mama Mugambi further said “the road condition is life threatening since an ambulance cannot access the road to pick any one requiring emergency medical care”.

There was activity along the road this evening to address the problem by the contractor.  The residents were complaining the contractor is putting murram on top of muddy cotton soil.  They requested the contractor to scoop all the cotton soil and use good murram.

The residents requested the contractor to have a translator at hand or even a supervisor who can speak and understand Kiswahilli or English. They also said they welcome the developments in the community and further requested the contractor to do everything to make sure life goes on as normal for Kangawa residents.

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