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Actor Discovered By Tom Hardy Visits Ngong Town

Danny Ligairi together with Nondescrpits Rugby Club and COMRAS were in Ngong Township primary School in February this year and conducted a rugby training workshop.

Right – David Weru (COMRAS) with Danny Ligairi

Apart from the coaching workshops for upcoming coaches, Danny’s visit to Kenya was also part of a project which supported the opportunity of taking four boys from Fiji and two from Kenya to Luxembourg to experience European culture and education for three months.

A Ngong Town Youth Samuel Imbwaga was selected and is currently in Luxembourg.

Facts about Danny Ligairi-Badham

Danny Ligairi playing the character of Martinez in the BBC One Drama Taboo
  • Lives in England
  • He is a former professional basketball and rugby player and now an actor.
  • Acted in the BBC One drama, Taboo and plays the character of Martinez, a Polynesian Sailor. He was discovered by Tom Hardy who is a renowned English actor and producer. Danny was coaching an u14 rugby team in a London Park when Tom’s dog interrupted his session.
  • Danny is of Fijian descent with his father being one of the highest ranking Fijians in the SAS and was part of the 8 that were selected in the 1960’s
  • He is married to Nina Ratu and they have three children


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