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KAJIADO NORTH: Residents Reacts to Governor Q&A Session (Part 2)

Following the recent Q&A session at CITAM Ngong between Kajiado Governor Hon. Joseph Ole Lenku and the residents, Elveza media requested several residents within Kajiado North to give an opinion regarding issues discussed.


The Governor said those occupying riparian land should give way to allow water to flow freely.

A few of the reactions we got from the residents;

Silas Waititu (Ngong) said “good suggestion but I don’t see anyone willing to move voluntarily”

Mama Salome (Scheme 305 Ngong) said “We have invested heavily, our projects were approved by Olkejuado County Council and I have documents to prove that”

Mzee Peter (Ngong) “there are people who have encroached on riparian land with some tricked to buy the land.  The encroachment is affecting us all since no one is willing to have conflict with the neighbors.  The county government can solve the problem”.


The Governor said the following roads will be done;

Gataka – Bulbul Road

Kiserian – Isinya Road

Bomas – Kiserian – Kona Baridi Road

We asked various people whether the governor addressed the issue of roads to their satisfaction and what the governor should do;

Some of the Reactions we got from the residents;

Buffalo (Chairman Ngong Taxis) said:  “As taxi drivers our challenge is traffic jams and feeder roads.  We request the governor to assist in opening up feeder roads.  Currently all vehicles pass through Ngong Town instead of using the many available feeder roads which are not in good condition.   It would also be good to put tarmac even if it’s a few kms instead of murraming the same roads every year.

Purity (Retired Teacher, Kamura) said “the county government should tarmac feeder roads or even consider using paving stones.  There is no point of putting murram on feeder roads without proper drainage every year, only to be washed away by floods”

James Asiago (Nkaimurunya) said “the governor must enforce quality measures when it comes to road works. The tendering process must be transparent with contractors who deliver poor service blacklisted”.

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