Business Community Development Ngong Town

Ngong Town: Market Traders will be Paid Ksh15,000 as Compensation

Ngong Market project will officially kick off on the 1st of May 2018 according to Peter Mwaura (Deputy Director, Social Infrastructure at Ministry of Nairobi Metropolitan Development.

The project will begin with the relocation of market traders to a designated site next to Ngong Stadium. Each trader will be compensated with Ksh15,000 in cash as disturbance allowance courtesy of Kajiado County Government.

Mr Mwaura was speaking during an interview with our reporter at Ngong Stadium where validation exercise was taking place to identify genuine traders.  Prior to today’s event, there were three traders lists i.e one from the world bank containing 1913 names, Kajiado county Government list containing just over 1400 names and the Ngong Market Committee list containing just over 1200 names.

To address the difference in the three lists, the World Bank, Kajiado County Government, Interior Ministry and Ngong Market Committee officials went though the three lists and approved 997 names as genuine traders as follows:

  • 502 names appeared in the three lists
  • 328 names appeared in Kajiado County and World Bank Lists
  • 167 names appeared in the World Bank List and Ngong Market Committee lists

The remaining traders whose names appear in only one list will be vetted by all the officials.  Mr Mwaura further said the project tender will be awarded latest next week. The whole project will take place within 12 months.


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