Development Ngong Town

Rain: Brings Misery Instead of Hope

Many residents in Elpaso were unable to access their homes following floods along the Zambia to Hilltop murram road next to the river.

Some of the residents risked their lives by walking through the flooded road.  Others including a pregnant woman had to climb through a neighbor’s walls to access their homes. In Ngong Town, business owners arrived to open their shops as usual only to find them flooded.  Selestine who sells animal feeds told our reporter she incurred a loss of approximately Ksh30,000.  This is not the first time her shop has flooded.

Musa who sells animal feeds as well, said he incurred a loss of approximately Ksh50,000 overnight due to the floods. Musa further said “I pay Ksh12,000 annually to the County Government as license fees, but the service we are getting from the County Government is not sufficient”.   Musa further asked “Are business people going to stop running their businesses to build and manage a drainage system because the County Government has failed?”

Abdir Hassan who is a business man in Ngong Town said he spent the whole night awake and standing trying to stop the flood water from entering his house but he didn’t succeed.  He had to break a wall in his office for the flood water to exit to avoid a disaster.

Samwel Mungai Kiambuthi who is a landlord in Ngong Town said this annual issue of floods has really affected business along the road next to Ngong Hills Plaza.  He further said “no customer wants to walk on such a muddy road”

According to Jacob Karanja, the flood water flows from the hills via the ministry of works access road through the town.  Karanja further said, if the county government wants to solve the problem, they can easily redirect the water towards vet farm.  He claimed there used to be a “mzungu” who used to work for the ministry of works in the 90s, who had redirected the water towards Vet farm, but the culverts are now blocked. Karanja concluded by saying it is possible to do the same by simply digging a reasonably sized trench.   Jacob Saruni who lives in Kibiku and works in Ngong urged the County Government to dig dams in Vet farm to harvest the rain water.

One of the main agendas  by Kajiado County Governor Hon. Joseph Ole Lenku in dealing with water shortages  is harvesting water from the hills.

The drainage trench next to Mubarak Food Court is risking the stability of the hotel building.  According to Omar, the trench was dug as a temporary alternative of the old sewer line which had blocked. He requested the County Government to address the issue as soon a s possible.

Most people our reporter spoke to wanted the issue to be tackled from the source of the flood water. Other residents said encroachment into the riparian land is also part of the problem.  They suggested the County Government mark out the boundaries of private land and the riparian land.


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