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Matasia: Mau Mau Veteran Lives in Absolute Poverty

Beatrice Wanjiku Ndung’u who lives in Laini Saba Matasia with her son and grandchild, is a member of the mau mau veterans.


Wanjiku was born in 1946 and claims to have participated in the mau mau rebellion as a young girl during the 1950s.  She told our reporter her service towards independence of our country was to deliver food to the freedom fighters like many other young girls during the emergency period. She narrated to our reporter how her sister the late Mary Wairimu was shot in the leg in 1952 and got her leg amputated.  Her brother was also part of the mau mau.


Wanjiku whose house floods every rainy season expressed her frustrations with the poverty she lives in even though she risked her life for the independence of our country.  She said “I live in absolute poverty in animal like conditions! I would like to live like a human being! With dignity! And proud to be Kenyan!”

The official number of Mau Mau killed was 11,000, with over 1000 hanged by the British administration.  The Kenya Human Rights Commission has said 90,000 Kenyans were executed.  The emergency war started in 1952 and ended in 1960.

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