Floods Ngong Town

Hilltop Bridge: Floods Causes Panic

Hill top bridge which was built recently blocked on 11th April 2018 turning the nearby area into a temporary dam which almost turned tragic.  Those affected narrated how fast the water level rose.

Iddi Maguna who rents in a nearby plot was at home with his wife and their one year old child when their house flooded.  They incurred losses of over Ksh100,000.


Mr Wangurumo who is landlord and lives with his wife and children said the floods caught them by surprise.  He said the volume of water was so much they couldn’t even open their door.  They were trapped inside leaving his wife traumatized.  Luckily their sons who live nearby in the same compound came to their rescue.

Their household goods and documents got soaked completely.  The floods damaged his car and is worried the vehicle may require an engine change   He estimates to have incurred losses of over half a million shillings. The whole family spent the night outside.


In a nearby property known as Sudbury Homes, Robert Nyambabi who is the caretaker and lives with his wife and child, raised the alarm to wake the tenants who were asleep at around 10pm. Some of the units got flooded completely. Mr Kangwana who is the owner of Sudbury Homes said hilltop bridge must be demolished and built newly to prevent future flooding which can turn tragic.

Another landlord who wished to remain anonymous said the community had raised the issue with the contractor and the local engineers who were in charge of supervision, unfortunately their concerns were ignored.  He further said even though the road was a gift by the contractor, residents opinions should have been taken into account because they know better. The bridge was built by the Chinese firm building the SGR.

Karen who lives with her sister and brother and is a Chef at Talisman Restaurant said she incurred losses of over Ksh25,000.  She told our reporter she almost drowned when she attempted to leave the house.  Her house is approximately 25 meters from the bridge.

Hilltop Bridge Flood Damage Photo Gallery

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