3 Bodies Discovered in Oloolua, Kajiado County

Site of burnt bodies after being removed by police.

3 unidentified men were found killed and their bodies partly burnt this morning at around 5am in three different locations within Oloolua Sub-Location. Their faces were burnt beyond recognition. The discovery of the bodies was reported by Ngong Chief Kimemia according to Ngong OCPD George Sedah. One of the men killed was burnt using a car tyre, while the second man face was burnt using old clothes and plastics. The bodies were taken to city mortuary.
Most of the residents our reporter spoke to were not aware of the incidents while others were too scared to discuss anything for fear of repercussions. The motive why the 3 men were killed, burnt and their bodies dumped in three different locations is still a mystery. Ngong OCPD said investigations are ongoing.