Funeral Annoucement

Funeral Announcement: Grace Ngina Machua

Grace Ngina Machua was born in 1941 Dagoretti, mutuini. Born to Hylam Machua and Milka Ngendo she grew up in a family of thirteen children. She was the eighth. She was enrolled at Ngong forest primary in 1951 and later joined AIC Kijabe1955 to for her primary education. She moved to Ololua Primary School in 1958 where she completed standard eight. She loved following her mother wherever she went and the two were inseparable.
She was also always neat and clean, a reputation she cultivated among her siblings. After completion of her primary education, she joined Keys College, Nairobi and did book keeping and typing course.
She met Noah Karuga Koinange in 1962 and the two were married on November 30th 1963 at the old sanctuary of this very church – St. Francis Church. The colorful ceremony was attended by Kenya’s last Colonial Governor Sir Evelyn Baring.
The couple were blessed with three children: Nicholas Koinange Karuga, Machua Karuga Koinange and Annastasia Wanjiru Karuga. She started venturing into business and set up Jogoo bar in Ngong town in 1968.
The two separated in 1969 and she moved to Embul-bul and concentrated fully in retail business. She opened a restaurant alongside the bar in Ngong town and was one of the first indigenous pioneers who became integral to its founding and growth.
She diversified her business into real estate and was allocated a plot in Embul-bul in 1973 which became the site of the famous Sideways bar. Due to growing insecurity, she used her own resources to build a police post in Em-bulbul town at the present day market site.
In 1974 she went into gemstone mining business which saw her grow her businesses in real estate and retail. She invested heavily in Ngong town and purchased the plot that she resided in Ngong town till she passed on the same year.
It was during her mining business that she acquired the nickname “British” because of her sense of fashion, style and cleanliness. Her Orange Volvo vehicle became her trademark, one of the first women in Kenya to drive the same car.
In 1987 she was blessed with Ngendo Machua. In 1989 she started battling arthritis of the joints to her hands and legs. In 2004 she had the opportunity to travel to the US for her son Nicholas Koinange and Alice Waithaka’s wedding. Thereafter she stayed for a few months but the oncoming winter was unbearable for her health.
In 2007 she suffered a stroke and made an amazing recovery. However in 2012 she suffered a second stroke and thereafter was bedridden and could not leave her house. She remained with health challenges throughout.
On December 6th 2017 in the presence of Venerable Louise Kariuki and Nelly Karenju of St. Francis Church and her daughter Annastasia Wanjiru she re-dedicated her life to Christ.
She remained challenged but fought bravely against ill health for more than 15 Years. She was admitted at Nairobi Women’s Hospital on January 15th 2018 where her situation deteriorated.
She went to be with the Lord on January 26th at 2am.
We thank the almighty father for the years and blessings he showered on Grace Ngina Machua. RIP maitu.

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