Girl Set to Join High School Raped in Merisho

A gang of robbers last night attempted to break into four homes in Matasia and Merisho area unsuccessfully but managed to gain access to the fifth house in Merisho at 3am Wednesday morning. A young woman who was in the same bedroom with the girl who was raped during the robbery told our reporter “I heard people in the bedroom shouting keep quiet and keep your head covered” She further said she started screaming prompting one of the robbers to put a pistol on her head threatening to shoot her if she doesn’t keep quiet, cover her head and close her eyes.
One of the robbers proceeded to rape a 15 years old relative of the home owner. The girl who was due to join Enomatasian girls high school had travelled from Londiani in Kericho recently. She was taken to Nairobi Womens Hospital, Rongai for medical checkup early in the morning.
The robbers left after one hour with a TV set, Woofer, Tablet, Shoes, 2 gas cylinders and Ksh10000 in cash. According to the home owner, the robber who found the Ksh10000 warned him and his wife not to mention to the other robbers he had taken the cash and should only mention Ksh200 if asked.
Shortly after the robbers had left, the home owner pursued the robbers using his vehicle. He claimed he immediately spotted a Nissan matatu a short distance away and followed it all the way to Kiserian. He reported the incident to Kiserian Police Station. Police officers managed to get hold of the matatu at Kiserian town waiting to carry passengers. The driver identified as John was arrested and taken to Matasia police station together with the Nissan matatu.
The driver denied being in Matasia to Merisho road that morning. He further said he drove from Ngong to Kiserian but did not divert anywhere.
Residents flocked Matasia police station to follow up on the case. Olkeri MCA Peter Gitau said he spoke with Ngong OCPD during the day about insecurity in the area with the OCPD promising to do everything possible to improve security in the area.