Bulbul Health

Mr. James Chesang the New Sonographer at Catholic Dispensary Embulbul

Mr James Chesang is the new Sonographer at Catholic Dispensary Embulbul. Mr Chesang who works at Kenyatta National Hospital is a qualified Radiographer and Sonographer. He has taken over from Dr Roland Stieger who is a medical doctor and trained Sonographer from Switzerland.

From Left: Godfrey Otiso, Zuhara Naisenya, James Chesang and Dr. Roland Stieger

Dr Roland is the founder of Patasono, a short form of Pata Sonography. Patasono is a mobile medical imaging service by ultra sound to catholic mission healthcare facilities of the catholic diocese of Ngong. The project also engages in medical education in basic ultra sound performance.

The ultrasound services offered at Embulbul Catholic Dispensary are:
1. Basic obstetric sonography
• Detection of pregnancy and possible child birth complications requiring referral for either specialized or emergency obstetric care services.
• Assessment of the age of gestation to estimate a date of delivery
2. Male and female abdomino-pelvic scan, including male and female reproductive organs
3. Vascular (Doppler) scan
4. Thyroid/neck scan
5. Soft tissue scan

Mr. Godfrey Otiso is the accountant at the dispensary.

Mr Chesang advice to pregnant women is to have ultrasound at least twice i.e at 12 weeks with the next ultrasound at 24 weeks of the pregnancy. He however said 3 ultrasounds are recommended during the entire pregnancy i.e one each quarter.
The facility charges between Ksh1200 and Ksh1500 for the ultrasound services. The services are available every Friday between 9am and 3pm.
For further enquiries kindly contact the facility on Telephone: 0726 332 430

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